Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Options?

Obviously we always have options when it comes to our health and fitness. But, there is only one option that will get you the results and success you need, and that is getting in there and working out.

In the time I've been with Fitness Together, I was never given options when it came to my workouts. I hired a personal trainer because I need to be told what to do, so even though sometimes I may question or not like what they want me to do, they are the professionals. This is their job, and my job as the client is to do the workout. Of course they will modify any workout to your ability, because safety is always first.

Several months ago I ended up training with one of the trainers I had never worked with before, and he had given me a specific exercise and before starting he said, or you could do this instead. I was caught off guard, because I wasn't used to getting options. Tonight when I was working with Michael, I mentioned this in casual conversation, and he somewhat jokingly said "Your only option is to show up and workout! Now there's something to blog about." And after I got home, because I'm constantly rationalizing things, I realized he's right. If I knew what I needed to do, and when and how to make changes to my diet and workouts when I hit those plateaus, I wouldn't need a personal trainer.

You always have options when it comes to your health and fitness, from what you eat to your workouts. So, why not choose the one option that will get you the results you are looking for and one step closer to meeting your goals. Contact Michael Watkins and his team of trainers for more information regarding their services. They have two locations to serve you, Fitness Together Downtown and Fitness Together Jenks/Riverside. You can also click here to go directly to his website to see many success stories, including mine. Then choose the one option that is best for your health and fitness needs. Two and a half years ago I decided to contact Michael and now I'm down 120 pounds and am healthier today than I have ever been.