Monday, October 28, 2013

Weigh-in Update

I did weigh-in Saturday, but got busy with work afterwards. And then Sunday, I slept in and then spent time with my family Sunday evening at a fall festival.

It wasn't horrible, but did feel a little discouraged only because just a few days prior to my official weigh-in day I was a couple pounds lower. Typically my trainer will weigh me a couple times through the week, but I don't get to look at the scale except on my official weigh-in day. And even though I lost 1.9 pounds in two weeks, knowing I was down a little more than that did frustrate me. But, as he reminded me, that's still a very good number and after sending him my food journal for the week we kind of had an idea of what the issue was. Wednesday I ate Thai food which is very high in sodium so my body may have been hanging on to those extra pounds from that meal. But, because I still lost, and we know that was not a normal meal intake for me, he reminded me I couldn't let it discourage me and that I'm still at my lowest ever. I have now lost 121 pounds and as I mentioned before have seen several non-scale victories over the past few weeks.

So, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, and take any suggestions Michael has and see what happens next week. And even though I'm taking smaller steps to my goals, I have no doubt I'll eventually get there.