Monday, September 23, 2013

Client/Trainer Relationships

When you go the personal trainer route, just as I have, chances are as you work with them for an extensive amount of time your relationships tend to grow. You start out as client/trainer, then you start to build a trust with them that allows you to form a friendship, then if you're really lucky like I have been, they become more like family. But, more importantly, this develops into something where the two of you are able to keep it real, which can only benefit you in your health and fitness journey. 

I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing trainers, past and present, and friendships have developed with them all. Mike (I miss him greatly, but we still talk all the time and we support each other), Michael, and Steven have been with me since the beginning and these three have become like the little brothers I've always wanted that my parents refuse to give me. See, I didn't get everything I wanted when I was a kid! :) But, the most important thing, is we have developed a relationship where we can talk to each other about anything. Mike used to tell me all the time, "you don't pay for sympathy". Both him and Michael have told me many times, "you can hate me now, we'll be friends later". And Steven, well, he just wants to confuse the hell out of me so he'll say random things that gets me frustrated to a point where I get the most out of my workout.

Below is one of my Facebook status Michael shared on his page as "realtalk". This past weekend I wasn't feeling well, today sucked big time at work, and I went in there whining and complaining hoping he might go easy on me. But, as you can tell from the conversation, it was just the opposite. And if you really think about it, regardless of how it may appear, this really is the best thing a trainer can do for a client. Keep it real and push them hard in their session. For these 45 minutes, even though I may wish he would just be sympathetic, he has to be my trainer first. Because when it's all said and done, at the moment when you need it the most, the best trainers will keep it real with you. They will tell you to get your ass to work, we can talk later! And that's what I appreciate the most about my trainers.