Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weigh-In Update - Down Is Down

Throughout the week Michael will weigh me just for his knowledge, I don't get to look at the scale except for on my official weigh-in day, which is Saturday. And even though I followed my meal plan just as I have since starting it, I had a feeling this week I would either gain or not lose much. When I went into weigh this morning, I really was wishing this was a day I didn't have to look at the scales. And the feeling I had was right, I only lost 0.2 this week. Looking back on my week, I think there are two things that impacted my progress this week. I had a stressful and busy week at work that I allowed to effect my attitude, and that carried over into my workouts, especially the beginning of the week. I know I didn't push myself as much as I could have, plus I had a few days I didn't sleep well either. But, I'm staying positive and not worrying about it. It's like Michael said, down is down. So, now I move on to next week and focus on not letting the stress from work carry over into my workouts or any other parts of my life.