Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Should I Workout Today?

Well, I guess it can't get any easier than this. After having a weekend where I didn't feel well, and then having the last couple days of work where it seems everything is going wrong, I've been more tempted to just go home instead of working out.

Monday I already had a scheduled session, so even though I was cranky and whiny, I went anyway. Michael made sure to keep me in line and focused on my workout, and then I ended up leaving there feeling better. Today, after another crazy day, I really didn't feel like going in and doing cardio. And I almost didn't, but I had my workout clothes, and I knew if I would just go do it, I would feel better. So, I went and did a 1000 rep cardio circuit, that included five rounds of six different exercises. In the middle of the third round I really questioned what I was thinking, but then remembered my end of year goal I set for myself, and so I pushed through it and completed what I set out to do for my cardio.

When I saw this, simple yet effective flow chart, it seemed like a perfect tool for me to stay focused and on track. I'm going to print this out and hang it in my office, so when I do have those days where I'm tempted to just go home instead of working out, then I'll have this as a reminder of what I really should do, and that is go workout. I know in the end, even if I get frustrated at myself or Michael, I'll be glad I chose to workout and will feel better afterwards.