Monday, November 18, 2013

If Only Stress Burned Calories!

For about the past week now I haven't been feeling 100%. But, every November I go through the sinus headaches, congestion, not being able to breathe well, and all that other wonderful stuff that comes with allergies and the weather change. So, you would think since this is something I go through EVERY year, that I would not stress about it. And, I used to not let it bother me. I knew it was something I would go through, and when I started to get symptoms I would take the necessary medications in hopes to kick it before it turned into bronchitis.

However, since my health and fitness has become such a major part of my life, I get very frustrated when I'm not feeling well where I don't get into the fitness center like I should and get my workouts in. Saturday I woke up with a slight fever and a sore throat, so I put off cardio. Sunday I attempted a little cardio at home, about 15 minutes of light cardio. And then today I intended to go in early before work for cardio, but shut my alarm off and went back to sleep. With the combination of me not feeling and sleeping well, my energy level is down and my body is basically just not up to it. And even though I know this is just something that happens and I need to let my body rest and recover, I get really frustrated and upset because in my mind I've basically slacked for three days and I'm actually stressing over NOT working out!

I talked with Michael this morning, and then again during my session tonight, and I really do understand everything he is saying about letting my body get the rest and recovery that it needs; but I can't help but feel I'm not giving my all and come Saturday when I weigh-in it'll show. After my session tonight, even though it wasn't anything intense, I do feel better and not quite as stressed. Hopefully I'll start sleeping and feeling better soon so I can get back to my normal routine and start kicking butt again!