Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Revolution Health & Wellness Dr. Chad Edwards

First I want to give a huge thanks to Michael Watkins for hosting these monthly seminars for his clients with Dr. Chad Edwards. And then would like to say thank you to Dr. Edwards and his staff at Revolution Health & Fitness for taking their time to provide further education to the Fitness Together family so we are able to be more successful in our health and fitness goals.

Tonight was the third seminar, and I have attended all three. What's great about attending each seminar, even though there is some information he goes over again, is you always learn something new. I have found by attending all the seminars, he does add new information or maybe rephrases something that helps it click for me. Tonight there was one thing that really stood out, the two rules of nutrition. It mainly caught my attention because when he mentioned it, I thought to myself, well that sounds logical and very simple. And those two simple rules are, get good stuff in and keep bad stuff out. Makes sense to me. But, of course, we all know that is easier said than done sometimes. Sometimes the struggles we have following those two rules, besides we all have our food weaknesses, is that most of the time we are not educated properly on how or why specific foods effect our bodies. There are times when we think we might be eating something very nutritional for us, then come to find out it might not be the best choice after all.

After attending three of Dr. Edwards seminars, and the opportunity to meet and talk with him, I'm confident in his knowledge of health and wellness. He also offers Prolotherapy for various cases related to arthritis pain, back/neck pain, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, TMJ Dysfunction, migraines, and other chronic pains. I plan on contacting Dr. Edwards and his staff regarding the Prolotherapy for my TMJ. Want to know more about Dr. Chad Edwards and his services, click here to go directly to his Revolution Health & Wellness Facebook page.

If you're one of Michael's clients, I strongly encourage you to attend the next seminar, even if you have already attended one before. You will receive a lot of fascinating and motivating information, and it really is worth taking the time to attend.