Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Power of Regular Exercise

Steven, one of the trainers from Fitness Together, posted this picture on his Facebook page and I wanted to share it along with my own personal improvements once I started a regular exercise regimen. Before I started eating healthier and working out I had multiple issues. I suffered from severe asthma, where I was on two different daily medications, back up inhaler, and a breathing machine just in case the inhaler failed to do the job. I was on two different prescription allergy medications and was getting two weekly allergy injections. I also suffered from depression, headaches, acid reflux, and even had problems sleeping. I took prescription depression/anxiety medications, along with Ambien to help me sleep.
Since changing the way I eat and working out regularly, everything I've mentioned I had issues with, have either completely been cured or have improved tremendously. I no longer take any type of prescription medications. I have not used an inhaler or a breathing machine in over two years, nor have I been to the hospital or doctor for my asthma in over two years. I no longer take allergy injections, nor do I have any prescription medications to control my symptoms. From time to time I do take over the counter Benadryl, but that's due to sinus and congestion issues with the weather and season changes. I no longer have issues with acid reflux. I no longer take depression/anxiety medication and I actually enjoy life. Yeah, I have bad days, but everyone does. But, the way I handle those bad days are more effective because I'm mentally and emotionally healthier. And from time to time I have a night I don't sleep well, but again we all have those nights. Those nights mainly stem from thinking about everything from work or something going on in my life, but nothing that causes me to not be able to function like it used to.
When I made the decision to start making healthier decisions by changing the way I eat and exercising regularly, the best thing I got out of that was the HUGE improvement of my overall mental, emotional, and physical health. If you suffer from even just one of the symptoms listed, I encourage you to seriously consider making the changes in your own life to become a healthier and better you.