Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weigh-in Update

I thought this quote was appropriate for this week's weigh-in update. Last update I didn't have an actual number to share, because when Michael weighed me he told me I didn't want to know. All I knew is I had a lot of ground to make up. I did work hard this week, missed a lunch workout and some cardio because I was sick, but I was pleased when I got on the scale today and I was down .8 from two weeks ago.

So I veered off the road a bit during the week of my birthday and gained a few (or several) pounds. And lets face it, there will be other moments during my journey I get off track; but if I continue to take Michael's advice and not just give up, it won't take long to get back on track and head in the right direction again. What's that advice? As Michael is seeing one of his favorite bands in concert tonight (and will be enjoying his own indulgences), I'll quote what told me today, "trust the process and listen to more Pearl Jam!" :)