Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Surviving The Holidays

I intended to get this post out sooner, so my apologies for it being last minute. One of the trainers, Jamie, posted this on Facebook and I thought it was some really great advice so wanted to pass it on.

We are getting ready to enter the time of year where a lot of people struggle to maintain their weight, let alone continue to lose. Often times, people like myself, can become discouraged and if we aren't careful can really sabotage the past 10 months of hard work in just as little as two months between Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Many of us are faced with multiple meals for each holiday, because we have our family dinners, work luncheons, and other parties to attend. I think it's important we enjoy these times with our families and friends, but it's still important we continue to be smart about our choices. By following the top 5 rules below, I believe it is possible to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and not feel you have completely lost control.

In addition to these rules, I've decided to have my own alternatives to certain foods so I have a healthier option. For example, our family has both regular mashed potatoes and stuffing/dressing, and instead of eating a serving of one or both of these, I'm making a batch of mashed sweet potatoes. The only thing I will be using will be the sweet potatoes and a little cinnamon to make it a little interesting. Also, instead of having green bean casserole, I'm just going to have a serving of regular green beans. This way I avoid any extra calories and fat that I don't really need to enjoy my dinner. But, I'm going to enjoy and not feel guilty about having a small piece of pecan pie. That will be my treat and there shouldn't be any reason I can't have the pie and still feel like I'm on track. I still plan on going in Saturday for my cardio and weigh-in day just as I normally would, so I'll let you know that goes. So, keep these five rules in mind as you go through the holidays and enjoy your meals with your friends and family.