Saturday, November 9, 2013

Start Saying "I WILL"

When I came across this quote I couldn't help but think of all the people I encounter that say these exact same things. There are several people who I hear make these statements often, and the sad thing is they are still in the same place they have always been, unhealthy and unhappy. The majority of the people I have talked with know what they need to do, but our conversations always end with something similar to this quote. There are several of these people who I encounter daily and have talked to the entire two and a half years I've been working out, and they still say things like "I know I need to start working out, but..." and they start listing the excuses. The sad thing is, if these people would have started saying "I WILL" when I first started talking to them about the changes I made, I can only imagine where they would be now. But, the truth is, just like anything in life, until they want it bad enough, their excuses will continue to be stronger than their determination to make the needed changes. If you're ready to start making the changes in your life to become a healthier and happier person, then stop the excuses and start saying "I WILL" and just do it.