Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It Won't Come Easy

When I got home from my workout today, on my personal Facebook, this was posted on a page I "like" called "True Activist". Granted this can apply to many things in life. However, from a health and fitness point of view, it really hit home today.

I had an extremely tough workout tonight doing various things with the sled. And, I was double teamed by the trainers! Since the other trainer didn't have a client, he felt the need to assist in my work out and sit on the sled while I did one round of pulling it from one end of the building and then pushing it back down. Weight of sled + 50lbs of weights + weight of trainer = A LOT of weight I'm pushing and pulling, even if it was just one round! I'm just sayin'! :) When I finished the workout and was asked how it was, I couldn't lie and told him it was the toughest by far since he took over my training.

So, when I saw this, it really made me think about all the ways people look for the simple and easy solution to losing weight and becoming healthier. The truth is, there is no magic pill or easy way if you want it to last. Sure, these fad/crash diets may work temporarily, but more than likely it's unhealthy and it will not be permanent. Every session my trainers push me hard, but there are some days it frustrates me, and I'll end up saying some curse words or telling them I hate them at that moment in time. But, when it comes down to it, if I don't feel that way, then they aren't doing their job! There are so many quotes I could include in this post, but I think the most important is this one. So, keep in mind, it won't come easy if you want it to last.