Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Can You Control?

Okay, before I dive into the real topic of my post tonight, please bear with me as I brag on myself a bit. Normally I do my sessions in the evenings after work. But, because both Michael and I are working with each other's schedules, today I did my session bright and early. It was still dark outside! It was rough, but I survived. He had me start the session off rowing 5000 meters (approx. 3.1 miles). The most I've done at once was 2000 meters, so this was a challenge. But, not only did I face it, but I kicked butt at it! I completed the 5000 in 23 minutes and 6 seconds. I looked up stats for women who have participated in crossfit competitions, and the average time for a woman to row 5000 meters was around 22 minutes. Not bad for my first time, and it gives me a new goal to shoot for!

Now, onto the topic I want to discuss, "What Can You Control?". This actually derived from a conversation I had with Michael this morning after I finished my workout. I had mentioned to him this week I wanted to lose four pounds, but he wanted to also discuss a goal to meet by the end of August. He gave me his thoughts, and we came to an agreement on a good end of month goal. But, because he knows me well and I tend to over-think sometimes, he also talked about the importance of not stressing.

I'm not sure about other clients, but I really try to take everything my trainers say to heart, because they truly are the professionals. They wouldn't make suggestions or comments that would hinder my health and fitness goals. And today during our talk, he said some things that I've heard before, but for some reason I really pondered on them throughout the day. He told me to just show up for my sessions, watch my diet, and do my cardio and HIIT sessions, because those are the things I can control. But, he also mentioned things I can't control, and I can't let those things discourage me from reaching my goals. It basically comes down to this quote "Focus on what you can control.", then I think everything else will fall into place!