Monday, August 19, 2013

Weigh-In Update

Well, it wasn't much this week. I lost just right over half a pound. Wanted more, but I'm staying positive and motivated, because the important thing is the number keeps going down! Within the last few weeks the changes are being noticed by other people, as well as I can tell in my clothes. I made the comment on my personal Facebook page that if my biggest problem is that the majority of my clothes don't fit because they are too big, then my life isn't that bad!

And just a little off topic from the weigh-in update, I'm hoping to get back into posting recipes again. I met with one of the trainers from the Jenks/Riverside location and he educated me on reading labels better, and directed me to some healthy sites for recipes. I hope to try something new this week and be able to post it either Thursday or Friday.