Saturday, May 23, 2015

24-day Advocare Challenge

Who is up for a 24-day Advocare challenge and be lake ready for the 4th of July? I personally will be starting this challenge on Wednesday June 10th allowing me to complete the challenge by Friday July 3rd. I've done this challenge a few times before, know others who have also, and get great results. I would like to start doing the challenge every six months because it is a good challenge to do from time to time, especially if you're trying to break through a plateau.

Here's what the 24-day Advocare Challenge consists of and what all you'll get.
  • The challenge is two phases: Days 1-10 cleansing phase - Days 11-24 max phase
  • The products you'll get: 2 boxes of Spark energy drink mixes, herbal cleansing system, meal replacement shake, bottle of OmegaPlex, box of MNS supplements
  • Daily guide: which includes water and food portion recommendations, daily checklists, food suggestions, and even a guide to what to eat for your meals and snacks. It will tell you exactly when to take your supplements, drink your fiber drinks, etc. 
Michael Watkins, owner of Fitness Together where I train, is also a distributor for Advocare. Regardless if you're local or out of state, you can order from his page and the product will come directly to your house within a few days. It doesn't take long to receive the product, and when you order, it will tell you the date expected to arrive. I normally have my order within 2 to 3 business days. Below are two links, one you can check out the 24-day challenge and get more information on it and the second will be a link directly to Michael's page where you can place your order. I would say order by Friday June 5th to ensure you have it in time to start by Wednesday June 10th! If you have any questions shoot me a message on FB or feel free to email me at If you have a question I'm not sure of the answer, I'll get the answer for you from Michael or you can actually send him a message from the Advocare site by clicking "Contact Distributor".

Learn more about the 24-day Advocare challenge by clicking HERE

Ready to take the challenge? Order everything you'll need by clicking HERE and make sure you see this name and picture to ensure you're ordering from Michael Watkins!