Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Daily Thought - Your Trainer Knows Best

Wednesdays are my official weigh in day, and I was up almost 4 pounds from last week. Now, these past few days I've been feeling off and also feeling like I've had some water retention going on with just the normal female hormones we have to deal with. And just by how I felt, I wasn't surprised that I gained, but my shock was at how much. Michael started asking me questions about the core4 process he's been working with me on, and as I'm answering his questions I see the look on his face turning into this "Hmm...I told you so!" grin. In some of our past conversations, he's mentioned how he does all his core 4 first thing because it allows you to kick the day off with power and in control. But this past week, I had mentioned not getting my green smoothies in like I should and also I've been doing a lot of my core4 at night before bed. So, basically his comment was, so you were losing and having good weeks when you were doing it; but when you stopped you gained. And as he has said, "It's so simple, it's stupid!" So once again I'm in that awkward situation where I'm telling him I don't know why I gained, but yet telling him all the things I'm doing or not doing despite his advice. And basically the lesson to pass on here, if you're not seeing results, try doing what your trainer said to do in the first place!