Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Daily Thoughts - Be Present & Do The Work

In the beginning of my private session today we did clean and press x5 reps for 5 rounds, adding weight each round. I ended up getting up to 115# which was a new PR for me. But, then Michael added more weight and said lets do a one rep max. I wasn’t sure how much was on the bar, but knew it looked very heavy and he said focus on the clean and don’t worry about the press. So, I walked up to the bar and failed at the first attempt. He said walk away from the bar and we’ll try it again. So I took a moment away from the bar, refocused, and was able to successfully pull the clean. I wasn’t able to press it over head, but I was happy with the clean. Found out it was 135#, so another PR!

Then we moved on to the next part of the workout where I realized at one point I was just going through the motions of the workout. Michael has talked before about being present during your workouts, don’t show up and just go through the motions. I had 5 box jumps, 15 ball slams, and then 10 ab rollouts. As I was on the third round of this circuit, I’m in the middle of ball slams and I hear Michael say “Slam it harder”. I realized I was just going through the motions of those ball slams, and to be honest when he made that comment I was at rep number 10 and thought I don’t even remember doing those 10 reps. I had lost focus, no effort, and was no longer present in my workout. I quickly refocused and started to give 100% again.

But, it got me thinking, how many times would I have just been going through the motions if I didn’t have Michael or the other trainers there encouraging me and pushing me to go harder. Probably more often than I would want to admit. Are we really getting any type of benefit from the workout if we just show up and go through the motions? The best way to get the most out of your workout is to, SHOW UP, LEAVE YOUR SHIT AT THE DOOR, BE PRESENT, GIVE 100% and DO THE DAMN WORK!!!!!