Saturday, May 16, 2015

Daily Thoughts - Talking vs. Doing

Another short and to the point post. Nothing irritates me more than for someone to constantly bitch about being unhealthy and overweight, and then when I see them eating fast food junk, cookies, donuts, pop, candy bars, etc. they look at me and say, "I know I shouldn't be eating this." To be honest, you can eat whatever you want. You're an adult and you make your own decisions. But, if you're going to constantly eat crap, don't workout like you should, and then bitch to me about being overweight or unhealthy then don't be surprised if I keep it real with you and just ask, "Well, you talk about wanting to lose weight and be healthy, but what are you doing about it?" Stop talking about what you want and need to do and start doing it. The only way to get the results you want, and I'll quote Michael, is to "DO THE WORK!"

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