Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daily Thoughts - Live For Yourself

At lunch today I took an hour and went for a walk around downtown Tulsa, which ended up allowing me to have some meditation time and clear my mind. I have very few people in my life (my parents, Michael, my pastor, and my boss are the main ones) that I respect their opinions. These are people that when they give me their advice or opinion, I listen and consider it when I’m making decisions. Sometimes, and I’ve been guilty of this in the past, we are so concerned about making everyone else happy we don’t always make the decisions that are best for us. You can respect someone’s opinion without actually agreeing with them. And regardless if it’s a major decision (like I did and dropped out of college) that will affect your life, or something minor to missing a workout to go out with friends or family, it’s okay to do what’s best for you. Yes, there are things I wish I would have done differently in life. But I can’t move forward with regrets or ponder on the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve scenarios. Besides, those decisions made me who I am today, and I’m proud of the person I’ve become. And when it comes to our family and close friends, we want to always be there for them, but in the process we can’t leave ourselves behind. Care about others, but live for yourself!

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