Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daily Thoughts - Let Go Of The Bullshit

We've all at some point been given the advice when we become upset, angry, or stressed to take a moment and take deep breaths before reacting to a situation. One of the things I'm working on, and have really improved on the last few weeks, is that when something happens that typically would stress me out or upset me I'm not immediately reacting to that anger or stress. But, instead I'm taking a moment, mentally running through my positive focus (What happened? Why is it positive? and Lesson learned?), and reacting in away that I'm able to have more control over the situation and also avoiding any unnecessary stress or anger. I mean, lets be honest, 90% of the time when things happen it's nothing we were able to control. So, why get upset? Instead when things happen that are out of my control, I'm moving forward with the attitude "It is what it is." By doing this, not only am I not allowing the situation to control me, but I'm able to be more effective and productive in dealing with the situation.

The past couple weeks I've really been able to do well at not stressing or getting upset. Not only has it allowed me to stay present and focused at work, in my workouts, my meditation and journaling, and with my friends and family, but letting go of the stress has paid off on the scale. In the past week and a half I've lost 7.4 pounds! I have a 90 day goal to lose 25 pounds, and my 30 day benchmark of 10 pounds is already almost met.

So, what's the lesson learned over the past few weeks? Life is just better when you keep the positive and let go of the other words as the quote says...."INHALE THE GOOD SHIT, EXHALE THE BULLSHIT"