Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Change Your Outlook

At some point, we all lose the excitement and the motivation to keep working out; and I've been there a few times in my fitness journey. there were times I wanted to take a break and take a month off, but I never did, I kept going. There were times I cut back on my sessions or the intensity of what I did. There were times I showed up but wasn't completely focused and I really didn't want to be there. And I have to say, 2015 had the most ups and downs of all the years since starting my journey in 2011. I gradually started to get my shit together about half way through the year after becoming part of our Fitness Together Empire group, but even the last part of the year, I was always showing up for my sessions physically but I wasn't mentally or emotionally into my sessions. I didn't care, I wasn't excited, and I was feeling like I had to be there. Well, as we are taught in our Empire group, I did the work on myself and not only figured some things out; but changed my outlook and I have started 2016 off strong! I'm not saying I won't have moments in the future that I lose some motivation or feel like going home instead of going to the studio. But because of the work I do on myself daily emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, when that happens I can quickly get out of that mindset that I "HAVE" to work out like it's a chore; but show up focused, have a positive mindset, and remember that "Today I get to work out!". It's all in your outlook, and for 2016, I'm #ALLIN!

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