Monday, January 11, 2016

Why Did You Start?

My blog posts typically come from something that I experienced that day, or just something that I thought about that I wanted to write about and share. This afternoon I had already written out something I planned on posting tonight, but this evening as I was doing my hour of cardio on the treadmill I thought I've got to write about this.

Today I had my private session during lunch, but this evening I went to the studio to do my cardio I had planned this week to help me reach my goal. I planned on doing an hour that also consisted of a fast paced walk at an incline.

I got 30 minutes into it and took the incline down and when I did that I could feel it in my legs. I did a light recovery for 10 minutes and thought I'll finish the last 20 minutes back at the incline. Then when I hit the 48 minute mark, I thought, I don't want to do a full hour. I actually started to get in my head telling myself it would be okay to stop at 50 minutes because I already worked out today and 50 minutes is still a good time on the treadmill. But, I started thinking about my goals, how excited I am to weigh-in this Thursday, and how great I've been feeling every day since last week because I've been so focused and determined to meet my goals.

Then I was like, what the hell? Are you seriously convincing yourself to stop with only 10 minutes left? So it's getting hard! I'm not hurt, there's no reason I couldn't go another 10 minutes, and the reason "I just don't want to do it" is not acceptable! Then I thought, what if this was someone else? What would I tell them? Well, I would tell them to keep going. I would tell them to stick to their plan, stay focused on their goals, and when they want to stop remember why they started. And then I told myself I really should take my own advice and then I kept going until I finished the full hour.

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