Thursday, January 7, 2016

Weigh-in Update

Thursdays are my normal weigh-in day, and I weigh-in at the studio first thing in the morning before my session. Today I weighed in and what a great way to start 2016! My first week of the New Year I was down exactly 4 pounds! I was excited because I hadn't been seeing the scale move much, especially going down, for quite awhile now!

I used to be really good at doing the weigh-in updates here on my blog, but haven't posted an update in a long time. I still weighed in weekly, with the exception of the last three weeks in December. I had ran out of pages in my workout/nutrition journal and I didn't buy a new one so I wasn't really putting much effort into tracking my stuff, and I didn't weigh-in for those three weeks. I still showed up for my sessions and I was still eating according to my meal plan; but I just had those few weeks where I just didn't care about tracking anything. What I learned from that, is one even if I'm showing up for my workouts and eating right, having my journal close by and writing everything down makes me feel better and I feel more in control. But, it also helps me keep myself accountable. I can go back and reference what I've done if I'm not getting the results I want or think I should be getting. I also found when I was doing my weigh-in updates publically here on my blog that was another way to help keep me accountable. I mean, let's be real here, when you know you are sharing your results for anyone in the world to see, who doesn't want to make sure they're doing their best?

Now, any health and fitness journey is hard, and there will be weeks the results aren't the best; but that's one reason why I want to make sure I get back to posting my results weekly. Regardless of what my results are, I feel it's important to post them because it helps me be honest with myself; but it also helps others who might be struggling realize that it's okay to have a week where you gain or you don't hit the goal you want. Because we all will have those moments, the most important thing is we don't give up!