Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weekly Challenge

Something I've been wanting to improve on is my plank hold time. The longest I've held a plank is like 90 seconds. But, instead of just jumping right into a plank challenge, I've decided to hold off on that until February. Here's what my thought process was when I was contemplating what to do for a weekly challenge. My plan is to focus on strengthening my core in January, and then come February I'll come up with a plank challenge for the month to see how well I can improve my plank hold time. I'm hoping by focusing on some intense core work for the month, that will help me do better for the plank challenge. So, for this month we will focus on four different core exercises, but only focusing on one each week.

This week we are doing bicycle crunches. The challenge for this week is to complete 1,000 (per side) bicycle crunches. You have a whole week to get them in, so break it down and do some each day. The challenge starts tomorrow (Monday) and will end Sunday. And to challenge yourself even more, make this in addition to any other workouts you do during the day! Have fun!

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