Friday, January 1, 2016

Give Myself Permission

Michael, my trainer and owner at Fitness Together Downtown Tulsa and Jenks/Riverside, has talked about giving yourself permission many times when we talked about goals and when I'm struggling and having set backs. This past Wednesday it came up again when we were discussing goals for this year. It's not that I wasn't listening to him or not getting what he was saying the past several times he's talked about it, but this time after taking time to reflect and meditate on it something clicked for me. I keep self-sabotaging myself, sometimes without realizing it, and then I start feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or many times I start settling or accepting mediocre results. I just finally realized there are other areas in my life I'm not giving myself permission to do the things I need and want to do to better myself, and what that meant for me personally. I realized where I need to give myself permission so I can set and meet goals that are important to me.

Today is when we tend to set our New Year's resolutions and look forward to a new start on moving forward and making our lives better. And I started to make a list of resolutions, but then after I had this aha! moment, I decided those things would fall into place if I just gave myself permission.

So, this year instead of resolutions I've decided to make 2016 about one thing, and that's "Give Myself Permission" to allow myself to be the best me!