Friday, January 15, 2016

Weigh-in Update

I did weigh-in yesterday, but I'm just now posting my results. Not that it was horrible, but because yesterday I was inspired to write "Today I Will......." and really wanted to get that one posted. So, even though it's "Weigh-in Thursday", I'm posting it today.

This week I was down .8, so almost a pound. I was hoping for more, I know I worked really hard, but I'm still happy with it. It's still down, and that makes 4.8 in two weeks, so still a very good couple weeks. I'm working on my 90 day goals, and really stepping it up for my body goal and it will definitely be one I will have to make sure I'm not just showing up to do the work, but I'm showing up 100% mentally and emotionally to ensure I'm giving my all.

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