Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today I Will........

I remember when I first started my journey, it was a daily mental battle to make the right choices. I would have to stop, and literally have a conversation with myself inside my head. Everyday I would tell myself why I should choose the healthier foods, why I should go do cardio after work instead of just going home and sitting on the couch and watching TV, remind myself what my goals were, and remind myself why I started to begin with. Over the years it's been a lifestyle change so showing up for my sessions, getting my cardio in, and eating healthy is just something I do. That doesn't mean I don't have moments that I would rather not go workout, or that I would rather have the pizza over my grilled chicken and veggies, but instead of it being a daily battle it's more like every few months I might have to remind myself of the right thing to do. But, regardless if you're just starting your journey, or if you're like me and it's been several years; I think it's still a good idea to daily talk to yourself with positive thoughts. I found some that I think are awesome and I'm actually going to make a copy of these and every morning I'm going to tell myself these things. Then, I'm going to put a copy in places like, my workout journal, my regular journal, and my computer at work. I encourage you to start out each day telling yourself these things, and then keep them near by and pull them out whenever you need the reminder.....

TODAY I WILL.........
Workout and get stronger
Nourish my body with healthy foods
Get one step closer to achieving my goals
Take a moment to appreciate my life
Remember I am worth it and I am enough
Start planning for tomorrow

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