Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another First For Me!

Some of you reading this may think I'm crazy, but sometimes it's little things like this that mean the most when you've gone through what I have. And it's okay to be excited and brag about these little things! And for me this is the first time I've EVER stayed with a fitness center for so long, that my workout bag is just worn out! Look at my bag, the poor handles are about to fall apart, and not much longer holes will be forming in the bottom! So many wonderful memories with that bag, including losing over 100 pounds! And one of my favorite memories is Beckett, my little buddy and the owner's two year old son, seeing my bag and then helping himself to look for a snack as his Daddy tells him no! Oh, he may only be two, but he knows his Shui will have a snack and we like to share! :)

Now I have a new, and even better workout bag, that will get me through several more years at Fitness Together! So, after two years, I'm officially retiring my workout bag that has been there for me for the first part of my weight-loss journey! But, here's to the next part of my journey, and may this new bag serve me well!

Two years of dedication to getting fit!
New bag to keep me going!