Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daily Motivational - Are You Ready To Change?

If we really want something, and are ready to change, we all have the willpower to do so. I've had people make comments to me that I just have more willpower then they do, and they would eventually give in to temptations. Of course you will! Temptations are everywhere and a part of life, and from time to time you will indulge or give in; but, it's how you react that matters. I'm sure we've all been at a point where we are doing really well on our "diet" and then the first time we give in to the temptations, we just tell ourselves, "Well, I just blew the diet, no sense in staying with it."  And then we accept the defeat by telling ourselves, "I just don't have the willpower." But, it's not about who has more willpower, it's about if you're ready to make the changes to get where you want to be.

I mentioned on my Facebook page for the local Tulsa area people, Michael Watkins the owner of the Fitness Together Jenks/Riverside, is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project by selling 5 sessions for $5 and current clients like me can give them to anyone we want. And, so for the first 10 people who message me saying they want 5 sessions, I'm paying the $5. Click here for my FB status and get the details. Even if you're not one of the first 10 people, you can still get in on the deal and pay the $5. So, remember we all have the willpower to change; the real question is, are you ready to change? If you are, and want to start by taking advantage of these 5 sessions, be one of the first 10 to message me and start changing your life!