Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday (with a dining out tip)

I'm very happy about this week's weigh-in. I lost 2.2 pounds with the holiday and going to Outback last night with my family! It's just all about planning and then sticking with it. Anytime I know I'll be going out to dinner, I'll look up their menu and nutrition information ahead of time. One thing I liked about Outback's nutritional information that differs from other restaurants, is it will allow you to pick your entree and add the sides, then it accumulates your total nutritional value.

Another reason it's good to look at the nutritional information before going out, is you'll be surprised at what you think might be a healthier choice, isn't really the healthiest thing on the menu. For example, I ended up ordering the 6 oz. Outback Special steak, fresh steamed green beans, and a dinner salad with their light tangy tomato dressing and the calories for this complete meal was 524 calories; yet the two salad options that appear to be the healthiest with grilled chicken (using the light dressing they offer) the calories were 639 and 690. So I had a delicious steak, enjoyed my meal, and had over 100 calories less than if I ordered off the salad menu.

Especially in restaurants, don't assume the salads or anything that is grilled will always be the healthiest option. If possible, view the menu and nutrition information before you go out and you'll be surprised at what you could actually order and feel you're getting a treat, take in less calories, and still be making healthy choices.