Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daily Motivational - Don't Stop

When I came across this, it reminded me of one of my sessions last year where my trainer was out for some reason and the owner trained me. I remember half-way through I was getting exhausted, I stopped, and he asked why I was stopping. I don't remember my exact comment, but I do remember his! He said, "I don't know how Mike does it, but in my sessions we don't stop until we're done." So, I kept going......

But, last night I had a couple moments that I was just exhausted, and basically said I'm not going to be able to finish. My trainer had seven exercises, and I had 10 rounds where I did a descending ladder starting with 10 reps of each thing. I got to round five and he said I had 12 minutes left. And by this point I was worn out and I felt like I had a knot in my stomach, and I just told him there's no way I'm going to finish all the rounds. After two years, I know my trainers pretty well, and the look on his face basically told me I could and would finish. When I was on my last three rounds, there were a couple times I wanted to just stop, but I told myself I couldn't, not until I'm done or he calls the time. So I pushed myself and once again he was right, I finished all the rounds with three minutes to spare.

After my sessions I'll do another hour of cardio, but this session wore me out. So, I thought, I'm done for the night. I grabbed my stuff, picked up my keys, sent a text saying I was on my way home; then stopped myself and said no, I've got to get my cardio in. I'm not hurting, I'm just tired! So, I sent another text saying I changed my mind, got on the treadmill and actually felt better afterwards.

So, when you're working out, or trying to decide if you want to work out, don't stop or delay your workout just because you feel tired. Get moving, and stop when you're done! I guarantee you'll feel better after you've accomplished what you set out to do!