Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Motivational - Don't Put An Expiration Date On Your Health

I know there are fad diets out there that guarantee results if you stick with their program for a set amount of minimal time. And most people will buy into these a lot of the times with unrealistic weight loss expectations. Maybe some of these will get the guaranteed results, but what typically happens, is at the end of the program people tend to go back to their old unhealthy habits and gain all and plus some of the weight back.

Doing these fad diets that get quick results are temporary solutions. They don't teach a person the importance of eating healthy and working out regularly. Most of the time the mentality we tend to have when starting these fad diets is, "It's only 30 days, I can get through it." But, what ends up happening is the 30 days become boring and most of the time people end up not finishing because they feel it's not worth it.

You want to have a way of healthy eating that is realistic and also something you can live with. You don't want to put yourself in a situation where you feel you can't have your favorite food from time to time. I don't follow diets anymore, I just make healthy options and from time to time allow myself to enjoy the things I really like such as pizza. Everyone once in awhile I may follow a meal plan provided by the owner at the fitness center, but even then if there is something listed that I don't like I substitute for something close to it's nutritional value.

So, before you start a specific diet, ask yourself, would this be something you could live with forever if you had to? If not, chances are it won't end up working out for you. Instead of focusing on sticking with a strict diet and eating things you don't even like, try just making healthy alternatives you can be satisfied with and see what a difference it can be.