Friday, April 5, 2013

Daily Motivational - Just Keep Moving

This is another quote that tends to stick in my mind, and after last night's workout it seemed appropriate. When we are living an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle, we tend to have the mindset that only doing 10 minutes of activity isn't doing anything for us; or that, especially when you first get started, we feel we're going so slow that it's not being effective. I remember getting videos that were 30 minute workouts, and my excuse in not doing the workout was, I don't have time or I can't get through 30 minutes, so there's not point in starting it. But, in reality, regardless if you're only able to do 10 minutes or how slow you go, what you're doing is better than nothing.

When I first started working out with the trainers two years ago, I trained two days a week and no extra cardio. I think they didn't push me to do cardio in the beginning because being 350 pounds it was good I was getting in there for my sessions. But, after a couple months, they designed a cardio plan for me to do outside of my sessions and it consisted of a few days a week with 20-30 minutes of activity. When I first started doing cardio, I struggled to get those 20 minutes in a few days a week. But now, two years later, I'm doing anywhere from an hour to two hours a day of cardio, five days a week, plus 3-4 sessions a week with the trainers.

Last night my trainer planned a 1000 rep workout for me, with 10 exercises at 100 reps each. I have 45 minutes for my sessions, which means I have to be focused and get my butt in gear if I'm going to get my 1000 reps in. And of course my very last exercise was 100 burpees! If you know what those are, I'm pretty sure you're feeling my pain right now! :)  And I really do want to get everything the trainers have planned for me completed, and I get frustrated if I run out of time because I feel they plan things they know I'm capable of doing and if I don't get them done then I've not pushed myself or given my all that day. But, if when that happens, I have to remember at least I showed up to my session and I did something, even if I was going a little slow that day. Remember, even if it's 10 minutes activity you're doing, at least you're doing something and you're doing more than the person who just sits around. So, don't worry about how long you're activity is, or how slow you're moving; the important thing is you are moving and to keep moving daily