Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Motivational - Every Choice Makes A Difference

I know I've personally related to this many times! I don't see the results as soon as I would like, and most of the time that's when I would typically tell myself it's just not working and give up. A friend of mine posted this on their Facebook page last week, and yesterday I had something happen that reminded me how even if I'm not seeing the results, other people are.

I had basically been at that plateau stage, and not losing weight for several months. And my trainers have been working with, making suggestions and changes to my nutrition and workouts. And the thing they all keep telling me is I need to eat more calories. Well, I finally got through the mental barrier that eating more doesn't mean I'm going to gain weight, especially with how active I am. Well, this last month I've been focusing on eating between 200-250 more calories a day. And guess what??? I started taking in more calories and I've been losing weight! But, even though I knew by the scale I was losing, I wasn't sure about my body inches. But, today I had someone at work ask if I've started losing again, because to them it looks like I have. So, after that comment, it made me think of this quote; because even though I may not notice a change, making smart choices daily is making a positive difference.