Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daily Motivational - Fitness Frustration

This past week my leg has been bothering me again, and my trainers and I have to work around that. It can be VERY, VERY, VERY frustrating, especially for me, and the past couple days have been the hardest. I do want to apologize for not posting the last couple days, because I know this blog is something many use as a motivational tool and I want you to always feel you can come here for that extra encouragement and support. But, also the purpose of the blog is to share my story and experiences, even the not so great moments. I feel it's important to be honest about everything, because this is what most people deal with and it's not always an easy journey.

I had an opportunity last night to talk with the owner of the fitness center and my main trainer about my concerns and feelings. And as always, both were very supportive and reminded me I didn't need to stress about these things and not to let it hold me back. And even though they do care and empathize with me, they make sure I hold myself accountable for anything that I didn't accomplish. They provide me with all the tools, guidance, and advice to meet my goals, even working around a bummed leg; but it's up to me to do what I need to do to be successful.

So, with that said, yesterday was my weigh-in day and also the day my trainer views my weekly food journal. I gained almost a half a pound this week and had one bad day where I only took in a little over 700 calories. I also didn't do as much cardio because of my leg. But, this is where I was reminded, of all the things I could do for cardio that don't involve the treadmill or putting strain on my leg. And he's right, and for me this is something I'm still working on. Because when I get frustrated I tend to put up walls and back off, when actually I should be using this frustration to better myself.

When I saw this quote, it made me really think about what I've been going through this past week. There is so much more in me that I can use to benefit my health and fitness; and in the future, I just need to learn to focus on using it in a more positive way. So, when you get frustrated, learn from my mistakes and experiences; don't let it hinder your progress, instead use it to move you forward.