Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daily Motivational - Don't Expect Perfection, Do Your Best

I know, I know.....when my trainers, or anyone who knows me for that matter, reads today's post; they are probably thinking to themselves, "Sherrie, telling people it's okay not to be perfect?". If you don't know me, one thing about me is I want things to be consistent and perfect! I still get frustrated with myself when things don't go as planned.

Last Thursday I had a tough workout and didn't finish all my reps before I ran out of time, and these are times when I get frustrated. Also, when the trainer has to keep correcting my form, because I feel I'm just not getting it. When these things happen, in my mind I've failed because I didn't have the perfect workout. After seeing this quote, it made me think; at least I show up to my session, gave it my all, and did my best! And this goes back to how working out can be a mental process. I have to remember, I'm not going to perfect every exercise. And to be honest with you, I'll never have a perfect workout. I'm going to struggle each session, if I don't then that means it's too easy and probably not going to be effective.

So, and this is a mental challenge for me as well, next time you're frustrated because you feel you're not getting the most out of your workout because you're not doing it perfectly; just remember it's not about perfection, it's about getting in there and doing your best!