Saturday, April 13, 2013

Daily Motivational - The Little Things Keep Us Motivated

I have some co-workers who have started to work on eating healthier and working out. They started about three weeks ago and are already noticing a difference. And there are times when we may not see the changes taking place, but that doesn't mean positive changes aren't happening.

One of my co-workers (thanks Michelle for letting me share) came to work excited because she had not had time to do laundry, and the only clean pants she had were ones she had not been able to wear. These were packed away, but she grabbed a pair of pants anyway, and to her amazement they fit!!!! And, like myself, even though she's still working towards a final goal, this small success is something that means a lot and will help keep her moving in the right direction!

When you feel you aren't making any progress, or actually seeing the results you want, don't give up. Every thing you do makes a difference. If you go back to eating unhealthy foods and stop working out, then the results you will start to notice are not going to be what you want! So, when you have those little victory moments in your health and fitness journey, be excited and proud of them! It's okay to brag about them, you've worked hard to get to that point. My advice is to use these small successes to motivate you to achieve your main goal!